Prepared technical and financial documentation.

Completed work on protocols for transferring split packets of the U2P level. U2C and U2N levels are being worked on.
We started preparing the 1st stage of attracting investments.

Basic U2P level protocols have been developed. Mechanisms for monitoring delivery and receiving a response to a request have been worked out.


A technology for building multi-level P2P networks for solving distributed tasks using various consensus mechanisms.


P2P protocol based on UDP designed to build U networks. Supports end-to-end encryption, packet routing, large packet splitting, request-response toolkit.


Mechanisms for generating certificates, encryption keys, digital signatures.


P2P network building tools, topology formation, NAT bypass.


A kit of services: events, streams, resource sharing, advanced routing, distributed DBMS, etc.


A toolkit for developing end-to-end decentralized applications for U networks.


Global decentralized segmented network based on U.

There is safety in numbers

Unified register of valid network users.

Find a needle in a stack of nets

The mechanism for searching for any user in the network and establishing a direct connection with him.

Don't take out dirty linen

Ensuring the confidentiality of transmitted data.

Share and Protect

Administrative segmentation of the network, resistance to blocking and isolation of a part of the network.

More deeds, less words

Basis for developing and launching related decentralized UApp applications.

Small spool but precious

UCoin as the basic initial financial instrument of the UNet network.